Yogateacher: Jysta Ananya

The beautiful name Jysta Ananya was given to Juliette by her Gurudeva Sri Yukstewar.
A spiritual name resounds the “true resonance” of your soul and is therefor very valuable.
Each time the name is spoken the resonance is enforced.
Juliette uses the name whilst teaching yoga and giving lectures.

Jysta : ज्येशता
Meaning: Star name, Eldest daughter, A Nakshatra, The eldest,
The accompanying deity is Lord Vishnu
Jysta (The Eldest) is the 18th nakshatra or lunar mansion in Vedic astrology associated with the heart of the constellation Scorpii, and the stars α (Antares), σ, and τ . The symbol of Jysta is a circular amulet, umbrella, or earring, and it is associated with Indra, chief of the gods.

Ananya means: Matchless; Unique; Different from others
The accompanying deity is Goddess Parvati
Anany is composition of an(अन् )+ any (अन्य)
an(अन् )means absense of,
any (अन्य)means other.
If a person does not consider the presence or existence of any entity other than object of his/her adoration,he/ she is anany
Thus anany bhakt is the devotee who considers or take cognisance of none but God.