A lifestory in movement

Yoga Juliette van Bavel 2020
Juliette van Bavel 2020

Through a lifelong experience of movement, starting at 4 years old in classical ballet, Juliette has gone through many phases of adapting her training through life.

Her years in performing as a professional ballet-dancer learned her to stretch far beyond her body’s limitations and force it to do what’s demanded, no matter how the muscles and spirit felt. To train hard to adept and make the body shape at the will of the choreography and technique.

Earning a black belt in Iaido Japanese sword fighting made her very aware of her surroundings, reflexes and ‘being a rock in the water’. But also this discipline demanded a strong disregard of the body’s pain and need. Entering a trance-like state to perform the katana’s endless repetition makes you able to perfom in an unearthly way but finding the body in severe pain the next day!

In 2002 – after having suffered a major accident that left her without being able to train for over 2 years – she entered for the first time into Power Yoga (Ashtanga Vinyasa). Knowing that this time she needed to listen to the restrictions of her áfter-injury-body- she surpressed her usual “go for it at Olympic level ; )” and listened carefully. Resting in between asana’s, retreating as soon as pain entered and learning to ‘ask’ the muscles to work with pranayama rather then ‘will’. In time she was able to stretch the hurt and injured muscles again, strengthen her body and find back pleasure in movement.

So here’s the valuable learning process that has come to full blossom as a teacher of yoga. She spots, without a second thought, hindrances in the body and mind patterns, has a deep profound knowledge and understanding of the body, yoga-postures, technique and progress.

Ahimsa put to practise in the science of yoga! Love and respect the temple of your body, aim and ask (without force) for progress. 

Juliette van Bavel 1989