Juliette has been writing since early age. Starting up as a kid, with simple poetry by rhyme and short fantasy stories.
After puberty her stories became long sentensed and “flowery’, she also started to write in English. The poetry at this age developped in the same direction. Then in the her early forties, after a break of several years, she “landed”into her definitive form of poetry: the aphorism. Thus beeing able to tell as much as possible in as short a way.
Inspired by ancient poets such as The Sattasai, classical Indian Love poetry by Koning Halla (year 0 Chr), the Persian Poet Roemi (1207 after Chr), English Poetry (17th century). The book of Innana, translation of the Sumerian script (2000 before Chr) Oepanishads (2500 before Chr) and many others.
Mostly inspired by the rich dreamy, flowery language and descriptions of the highest goals of Love.

The Pic & Poem Project is a sublimation of Juliette’s abstract Photography and her Aphorisms.
Combining beautifully colored abstract photography with carefully selected poetry.
In the first part of The White Poet: ‘Heavenly Pearls’ this lay out is combined with the White Poetry.

The Limited Luxury Edition of The White Poet: ‘Heavenly Pearls’ contains exclusive White Poetry.
You can order your copy by sending me an email.

The White Poetry series. Also available in a Limited edition booklet

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