Artist Juliette


Juliette is a dedicated artist. She entered the academy of classical ballet at age 13. In between her 2 Dance Academie’s she studied art. (yes somewhat unusual; )

At the Royal Academy of Arts – were she enrolled in 3D work – Juliette felt a strong preference for harder materials such as stone and metal. She specialised in the crafts and continues to work with them up to this day. Creating large (kinetic) aluminum sculptures.

Writing she did since early childhood. Having a good sparring partner in her father, who was dedicated to literature and ethnology. While her mother (conductor & soloist singer) taught her to read and play music as of age 3. So Juliette spend the years throughout her childhood in weekly ballet classes, choirs and orchestra’s. In her free time drawing, reading, building wooden huts and creating plays with old dresses from great-grandmothers. She wrote ‘Parels van de Geliefde, also translated into English: ‘Pearls of the Beloved’ (100 aphorisms) and  ‘Hemelse parels’ translated into ‘Heavenly Pearls’ (100 aphorisms).

After her dancing carrier suddenly stopped she was plunged into IT to restart and support her art. It turned out to be a match. She held part-time positions for 10 years, varying from International Helpdesk Agent, Software tester and Webmaster. She worked at IBM, Aegon, ANWB, Ediport and IIAV . Stll enjoying building websites and designing.

As this moment she is dedicated fully to AWARENESS since she feels strongly that that is were her dedication lies. She does this by: teaching Yoga, Lectures, Fine Arts, Poetry and some delicious Vegan recipes (see @jysta-yoga )



Want to see more of her Art? Please follow this link >>>   [ Click on DUTCH (top left) to choose any other language once you reach the site.]

Photography: Edgar van Kesteren